Dairy farming and dairy industry in Iran

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Iran is a country with a long dairy tradition. Dairy production has increased to a level of about 9bn kg of milk per year. The ambition in the sector is to further increase production and to improve the quality of the milk to be able to export. Based on the analysis of available data and on a field trip to Iran, 4 key areas have been identified by the participating partners in the project where a Dutch Iranian cooperation could strengthen the Iranian dairy chain. 1. Milk quality assurance, quality standards and milk-payment systems There is a lack of trust within the Iranian dairy chain. A further improvement of the milk quality is needed if Iran wants to export. Dutch experience and technology about how to organise (governance) and implement (e.g in milk-payment systems) with all relevant stakeholders to achieve a higher quality of consumer products can help solve this issue. 2. Feed availability and quality The lack of trust also applies to the feed part of the dairy chain. Chain efficiency can be improved considerably if trust is improved. Dutch experience and technology about how to organise and implement independent assessment of feed quality and building trust in the chain can help to make the Iranian chain more transparent and efficient. 3. Water efficiency and feed production Iran has to be more efficient in its feed production, especially in relation to water use. Dutch international experience in crop production and water efficiency on farm level and knowledge on policy development on regional and national level can be used to contribute to this issue. 4. Education: both on operational level and on economics All Iranian farmers mentioned the need for operational trainings of their employees. Several had done training in the Netherlands in the past. The changing circumstances in Iran require more skills and insights related to strategic and economic decisions. The main recommendation is to develop a joint programme with Iranian and Dutch partners to work on these four areas. Possible partners for such a programme have been identified on both sides.
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