D6.9 - Report of the second CPD module in One Health : education and training

Matthias Filter, Yvonne Mensching, Piyali S. Basu, Roberto La Ragione, Wim van der Poel, Dan L. Hortion

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


The one-week module centred around the use of innovative open-source software solutions supporting risk assessment, zoonotic outbreak investigations and data interoperability. The objective of this training module was to introduce new tools and technologies for One Health researchers and professionals. Specifically, solutions that support foodborne disease outbreak investigations, efficient surveillance data integration as well as the re-use of risk assessment models were introduced. The solutions presented have the potential to support the whole One Health community including national and international risk assessment agencies, risk managers and academic institutions.

The virtual training was delivered by senior research scientists from BfR and partners from our consortium, including SVA, DTU Food, ANSES, RKI and NVI and stakeholders, EFSA with an extensive track record in providing training for research scientists from different research domains.

Over 50 participants – from early-career researchers and PhD students, up to senior scientists – from 15 European countries attended the workshop. The event encouraged knowledge sharing and even allowed participants to present their digital innovation tools, which can be applied to scenarios of food safety, public health and animal health.

Scientists of the One Health EJP Joint Research and Joint Integrative Projects, ORION, COHESIVE and RaDAR also shared their knowledge and lessons learned from their projects.

The CPD module provided joint plenary presentation sessions, moderated interactive workshops with practical exercises, as well as an e-learning platform, that can still be used by participants to further improve their knowledge. For this, dedicated e-learning courses on the software FoodChain-Lab, the RAKIP and RADAR model repositories and on resources promoting the adoption of the Linked Open Data concept in One Health were developed. The e-learning platform was also used to measure knowledge gains and collect feedback from the workshop participants.

The online workshop received approved accreditation by the Academy of Veterinary Continuing Education (ATF), therefore participants from across Europe who attended and participated in the entire module, received 22 ATF hours, and could convert these to CE credits in their respective country.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherOne Health European Joint Programme (OHEJP)
Number of pages21
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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