D6.4 Findings of Monitoring and Evaluation (Phase 2)

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SHERPA has created rural Science-Society-Policy interfaces to engage citizens, stakeholders, policy-makers and scientists in the joint development of strategic thinking and practical recommendations for the formulation of modern rural policies. SHERPA captured and used results of ongoing and past research projects and created spaces and channels for meaningful interaction. SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) were the main fora for co-learning and co-creation of knowledge between actors at European and regional levels. During the four-year project period, 40 regional MAPs and one EU-level MAP were set out to explore and test possibilities for improved policy stimulation and multi-actor and multi-level governance of rural development. The purpose was to tune local activities, policies and research to foster rural development policy by engaging citizens, rural stakeholders, researchers and policy makers. The assessment of existing knowledge to identify research gaps and the evaluation of the practical role and effectiveness of implemented policy in regional development was the basis for co-constructing recommendations for future rural development policies. A specific endeavour was put into inspiring and skill-building MAPs' capacities such that they continue after the end of the project.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages50
Publication statusPublished - 19 Oct 2023


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