D3.5 Formalized stepwise approach for implementing logistical concepts using BeWhere and LocaGIStics

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This deliverable describes a formaliz
logistical concepts in the practical
chains and for assessing thei
BeWhere and LocaGIStics. It describes
these two logistical assessment tools
interlinked so that LocaGIStics can further refine and detail the outcomes of the
BeWhere model and that the BeWhere model can use the outcome of the
LocaGIStics model to modify their calculations if needed.
The BeWhere model supports the development of EU
develop an optimal network of biomass delivery chains
techno-economic spatial model that enables the optimal design and allocation of
biomass delivery chains (at national level) based on the minimizatio
emissions of the full supply chain taking account economies of scale, in order to meet
certain demand.
LocaGIStics is a regional assessment tool for biomass delivery chains. This tool can
support the user to design optimal biomass deliver
level and analyze in a comparative way (for different biomass delivery chains) the
spatial implications and the environmental and economic performance. It will take
account of the biomass cost
options and novel logistical concepts.
formalized stepwise approach for implementing optimal
design of national and regional
their economic and GHG performance
. the functionality of and the relation between
tools. BeWhere and LocaGIStics are closely
ked EU-wide and national strategies to
chains. The basis of this tool is a
delivery chains and networks at regional
cost-supply, the conversion and pre-treatment technology
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages41
Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2016


  • biomass
  • models
  • databases
  • resource utilization
  • biobased economy
  • sustainability
  • europe
  • logistics

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