Cross-platform comparative analyses of genetic variation in amino acid content in potato tubers

N. Carreno-Quintero, A.K. Undas, C.W.B. Bachem, R. Mumm, R.G.F. Visser, H.J. Bouwmeester, J.J.B. Keurentjes

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Many of the biochemical pathways for plant amino acid metabolism are known and, at least in model species, most of the genes encoding the biosynthetic enzymes have been identified. How the accumulation of amino acids is regulated is much less well understood and for this genetic analysis can be instrumental. In potato, the nutritional value of the tubers is often determined by the content of essential amino acids such as lysine, tyrosine, methionine and cysteine. Better insight into the genetic determinants underlying the variation in amino acid accumulation in potato could support efforts to improve tuber nutritional quality by breeding. In this study, we used a diploid potato mapping population to explore the genetic basis of amino acid content. Hereto, we compared the use of one non-targeted and two targeted analytical approaches for amino acid analysis, allowing the evaluation of the robustness of amino acid quantification and the number and strength of detected quantitative trait locis (QTLs) across the different analytical platforms. Assessment of the three methodologies revealed a comparable detection of amino acids using non-targeted and targeted approaches. QTL detection across the different analytical platforms was similar, although slight differences in strength and explained variance were observed. The QTL regions were subsequently studied to provide candidate genes for the genetic regulation of amino acid accumulation in potato. Our results are discussed in the context of the detection of amino acid variation and its implications for the identification of QTLs.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1239-1257
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • mass-spectrometry
  • metabolic networks
  • mixed-model
  • late blight
  • qtl
  • arabidopsis
  • methionine
  • biosynthesis
  • diversity
  • chromatography

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