Comparison of static chambers to measure CH4 emissions from soils

M.K. Pihlatie, J.R. Christiansen, H. Aaltonen, J.F.J. Korhonen, A. Nordbo, T. Rasilo, G. Benanti, M. Giebels, M. Helmy, J. Sheehy, S. Jones, R. Juszczak, R.R. Klefoth, R. Lobo-do-Vale, A.P. Rosa, P. Schreiber, D. Serca, S. Vicca, B. Wolf, J. Pumpanen

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The static chamber method (non-flow-through-non-steady-state chambers) is the most common method to measure fluxes of methane (CH4) from soils. Laboratory comparisons to quantify errors resulting from chamber design, operation and flux calculation methods are rare. We tested fifteen chambers against four flux levels (FL) ranging from 200 to 2300 mu g CH4 M-2 II-1. The measurements were conducted on a calibration tank using three quartz sand types with soil porosities of 53% (dry fine sand, S1), 47% (dry coarse sand, S2), and 33% (wetted fine sand, S3). The chambers tested ranged from 0.06 to 1.8 m in height, and 0.02 to 0.195 m(3) in volume, 7 of them were equipped with a fan, and 1 with a vent-tube. We applied linear and exponential flux calculation methods to the chamber data and compared these chamber fluxes to the reference fluxes from the calibration tank. The chambers underestimated the reference fluxes by on average 33% by the linear flux calculation method (R-Iin), whereas the chamber fluxes calculated by the exponential flux calculation method (R-exp) did not significantly differ from the reference fluxes (p
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)124-136
JournalAgricultural and Forest Meteorology
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • gas-exchange
  • flux measurements
  • co2 efflux
  • atmosphere
  • respiration
  • apparatus
  • biases

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    Pihlatie, M. K., Christiansen, J. R., Aaltonen, H., Korhonen, J. F. J., Nordbo, A., Rasilo, T., Benanti, G., Giebels, M., Helmy, M., Sheehy, J., Jones, S., Juszczak, R., Klefoth, R. R., Lobo-do-Vale, R., Rosa, A. P., Schreiber, P., Serca, D., Vicca, S., Wolf, B., & Pumpanen, J. (2013). Comparison of static chambers to measure CH4 emissions from soils. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 171-172, 124-136.