Comparing the Europeanization of Dutch Policy Agendas: Laws, Queen speeches, and Coalition Agreements

G.E. Breeman, A. Timmermans

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


Abstract As in all good myths, the origin of the Delors’ myth about his prediction that in the future 80% of all national legislation will originate from the EU level, is unclear. Did he state this in a speech in Brussels, or in London or in another place? No matter when and where he said this, with this statement he posited in any case a nice empirical research question for us political scientists to dig into. How strong is indeed the influence of the EU on national legislation? In a joint European project of six European countries we are tackling this puzzle. Our general research question is about how Europeanization has influenced the legislative power balance between Parliament and the Cabinet. Does the parliament loose out to the government because of the growing influence of the EU. Or did the process of law making involving European impulses become more politicized, or perhaps less, over time? The French team for instance speaks of EU policy dictatorship, leading to new laws and policy change (Brouard et al. 2010). But at the same time they also observe the arrival of strong national veto player, inhibiting EU-induced change in the national legislative. In this particular paper we are dealing the influence of the EU on the Netherlands.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventPSA conference 2010, edinburgh, UK -
Duration: 29 Mar 20101 Apr 2010


ConferencePSA conference 2010, edinburgh, UK

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