Comments of RIVO to the report "Bromophenols: cause off-flavour in marinated herring and other foods"

A.A.M. Schelvis-Smit, M.J.J. Kotterman

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    In commission of GAB Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd RIVO has evaluated the report of Jan W. Henfling. Identified in the documentation with nr: 1740-1747 + 1749-1756 + 1758-1759 RIVO has dealt mainly with those topics and opinions that are plainly not correct, not justifiable or misleading. Topics or opinions raised by Jan W. Henfling, which are not discussed in this RIVO report, do not necessarily reflect the opinion of RIVO. In this evaluation, the report will be discussed page by page. Again, it has never been scientifically proven that phenol in acetic acid was the cause of off-flavour in fishery products. To the opinion of RIVO the final conclusion in the Henfling-report is not stated by any solid evidence.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of Publicationonbekend
    PublisherRIVO Milieu en Voedselveiligheid
    Number of pages8
    Publication statusPublished - 2005

    Publication series

    NameReport / RIVO-Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research
    PublisherRIVO Milieu en Voedselveiligheid C002/05


    • flavour
    • flavour compounds
    • fish products
    • herrings
    • acids
    • marinating

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