Colletotrichum - names in current use

K.D. Hyde, L. Cai, P.F. Cannon, J.A. Crouch, P.W. Crous, U. Damm, P.H. Goodwin, H. Chen, P.R. Johnston, E.B.G. Jones, Z.Y. Liu, E.H.C. McKenzie, J. Moriwaki, P. Noireung, S.R. Pennycook, L.H. Pfenning, H. Prihastuti, T. Sato, R.G. Shivas, Y.P. TanP.W.J. Taylor, B.S. Weir, Y.L. Yang, J.Z. Zhang

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Filamentous fungi in the genus Colletotrichum are destructive pathogens that cause disease and crop losses in plants worldwide. Taxonomy and nomenclature in the group is confusing, even to scientists working in the field, and inaccurate diagnosis of species is not uncommon. In this review, we provide a overview of the 66 Colletotrichum names that are in common use, and the 19 recently used names which are regarded as doubtful. This paper represents the first comprehensive overview of the genus in 17 years, and is the first summary treatment of Colletotrichum to incorporate data generated through DNA analysis and phylogenetic systematics. Species are listed alphabetically and annotated with their taxonomic entry, teleomorph, hosts and disease, brief summaries of taxonomic and phylogenetic research, and outstanding issues for the genus that are neccesary to stabilize species names. Sequence data and type culture collection resources are also summarized. The paper serves to provide a new starting point for usage of current names in Colletotrichum and indicates future work needed
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)147-182
JournalFungal Diversity
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • vegetative compatibility groups
  • iwokrama-forest-reserve
  • coffea-arabica l.
  • potato black dot
  • infection process
  • molecular characterization
  • leaf-spot
  • sp-nov
  • anthracnose resistance
  • biological-control

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