Best practices in the lactating and weaned sow to optimize reproductive physiology and performance

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For optimal reproductive performance of the weaned sow, management needs to be optimised in the lactation period, in the interval from weaning to oestrus and during oestrus and insemination. Essentially, management should be focussed on optimizing follicle development during lactation and after weaning and on maximizing fertilisation of the oocytes from those follicles during the first oestrus after weaning. During lactation, follicle development is mostly affected by lactational weight loss and by suckling. Management should therefore be aimed at stimulating feed intake and, possibly, reducing the number of sucklings at the end of lactation. During the short weaning-tooestrus interval, nutrition of the sow and boar contact are most important. For optimal fertilisation, a good oestrus detection and insemination strategy are essential.
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Title of host publicationThe gestating and lactating sow
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  • Follicle
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