BEQI2: Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index 2. R package version 2.0-0

W. van Loon, D.J.J. Walvoort

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


Tool for analysing benthos data. It estimates several quality indices like the total abundance of species, species richness, Margalef's d, AZTI Marine Biotic Index (AMBI), and the BEQI-2 index. Furthermore, additional (optional) features are provided that enhance data preprocessing: (1) genus to species conversion, i.e.,taxa counts at the taxonomic genus level can optionally be converted to the species level and (2) pooling: small samples are combined to bigger samples with a standardized size to (a) meet the data requirements of the AMBI, (b) generate comparable species richness values and (c) give a higher benthos signal to noise ratio
Original languageEnglish
PublisherThe Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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