Bepaling weidetijd op melkveebedrijven: Verkenning van aanvullende informatiebronnen over beweiding, met nadere uitwerking voor sensoren en satellietbeelden

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Because of dairy product quality and nitrogen emissions, grazing time of dairy cattle is becoming increasingly important. Until now, the farmer’s own registration of grazing time is available, with random checks carried out by the dairy chain. For N-emissions, the grazing time from the agricultural census is used. To ensure quality, there is a need for an independent registration. This could be provided by using information from existing motion sensors to dairy cattle or satellite images. Another option is analyzing fatty acid composition of the milk. This report concerns an exploration of extra data sources and an investigation into the possibilities of sensors and satellite images. In its current form, both are not yet suitable for replacing registration; however, they may be useful as additional clues.
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Environmental Research
Number of pages73
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021

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NameRapport / Wageningen Environmental Research
ISSN (Print)1566-7197

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