Asymmetry in liquid crystalline hexaalkoxytriphenylene discotics

I. Paraschiv, P. Delforterie, M. Giesbers, M.A. Posthumus, A.T.M. Marcelis, H. Zuilhof, E.J.R. Sudhölter

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The synthesis and phase behaviour of a new series of unsymmetrically substituted hexaalkoxytriphenylene¿based liquid crystals are reported. One of the hexyloxy chains in hexahexyloxytriphenylene (HAT6) is replaced by either a shorter or a longer chain, HAT¿(OC 6 H 13 ) 5 (OC n H 2 n +1 ). Compounds with chain lengths n of 2¿14, 16 and 18 were prepared and investigated. Compounds with n ¿13 were not liquid crystalline. For all compounds with n ¿12 Col h textures were observed by polarizing microscopy. X¿ray investigations showed that the intercolumnar distance gradually increased with n from n = 2 to n = 12, while the interdisk distance (3.6 Å) remained constant. A small odd¿even effect on the increase of the intercolumn distance with n was observed. This effect was also found in the change of ¿ H of isotropization with n
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)977-983
JournalLiquid Crystals
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • intermolecular organization
  • mesomorphic properties
  • alkyl chains
  • columnar
  • interdigitation
  • mesogens


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