Apparatus and method for processing meal and water to batter for recovering starch and/or protein therefrom, and batter produced with this apparatus and/or method

R.J. Hamer (Inventor)

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The invention relates to an apparatus and method for processing meal and water to a batter from which starch and/or protein can be recovered. The apparatus comprises a kneading trough which is subdivided into multiple kneading zones successive in feeding direction, in particular a pre-mixing, reduction and final processing zone. Each zone is provided with individually controllable kneading means, so that optimal kneading conditions can be set per zone. Control of the kneading speed takes place on the basis of the morphological condition of the batter, in particular the size and shape of protein particles present therein. This condition can be monitored with, for instance, ultrasonically reflective measuring means. The kneading is stopped when the protein particles have reached a particular target size, where coherent protein networks can be formed. These protein networks can then be rid of the enclosed starch in a separation device, preferably a roller device.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2005044860
Priority date11/11/03
Publication statusPublished - 19 May 2005


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