Alliances in the Dutch BeweegKuur lifestyle intervention

F.G. den Hartog-van den Esker, A. Wagemakers, L. Vaandrager, M. van Dijk, M.A. Koelen

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Objective: BeweegKuur (Exercise Therapy) is a Dutch lifestyle programme in which participants are referred by a general practitioner (GP) to a lifestyle advisor. To support participants, regional and local alliances are established. The present study explored the successes and challenges associated with collaboration processes in local BeweegKuur alliances. Design: A qualitative explorative study. Setting: The Netherlands Institute for Sports and Physical Activity (NISB) initiated the Building BeweegKuur Alliances project to support local alliances. The BeweegKuur intervention is implemented by over 30 regional and about 150 local alliances throughout the Netherlands. Method: 12 in-depth interviews were held with coordinators of the alliances, and four focus groups were held with regional and local alliance partners. Results: Collaboration within the alliances is perceived as successful in integrating prevention and care. Challenges include the participation of sectors such as the local municipality and the sports sector, and the transition of BeweegKuur participants to local sports facilities. Conclusion: This study identifies three general conditions for successful coordinated action: (a) flexible protocols and management that allow for contextual adaptations; (b) making successes and challenges visible using facilitating methods and tools; and (c) time and funding to overcome differences of culture between different sectors, and to build trust.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)576-587
JournalHealth Education Journal
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • health-promotion
  • qualitative research
  • coordinated action
  • primary-care
  • partnerships
  • sustainability
  • programs
  • facilitate
  • obesity
  • scale


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