AlgaePARC and models for large scale microalgae production

P.M. Slegers, A.J.B. van Boxtel, G. van Straten, M.J. Barbosa, R.H. Wijffels

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


Algae production needs to develop from craft to major industrial processes. Major challenges are to reduce production costs, energy requirements and increase production scale. AlgaePARC, a new applied research centre on microalgae has been set up at WageningenUR to compare present technology and to develop new reactor concepts and process control strategies to achieve lower production costs and energy requirements. AlgaePARC fills the gap between fundamental research on algae and full-scale production facilities. Flexible pilot scale facilities are used that allows for fast changes between photobioreactor types, layout, and process control strategies. The initial systems reflect present development of several reactor concepts at laboratory scale and enable a rigorous comparison between systems, selection and, ultimately, development of a more efficient system and optimized operational concepts. Predictive models help to translate results of AlgaePARC to other locations, system designs and can be scaled for larger production systems. Models for open raceway ponds, flat panels and tubular photobioreactors have been developed. Effects of location, climate conditions, reactor design and operating conditions on productivity are included. The models support decisions for production systems using outdoor conditions. These are important inputs to analyse supply chains, assess life cycle impacts and effects on techno-economic performance.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012
EventESF 3rd Marine Board Forum on New Technologies for a blue future, Brussel, Belgium -
Duration: 18 Apr 201218 Apr 2012


ConferenceESF 3rd Marine Board Forum on New Technologies for a blue future, Brussel, Belgium


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