Agro-ecological zoning and potential yield of single or double cropping of potato in Argentina

D.O. Caldiz, F.J. Gaspari, A.J. Haverkort, P.C. Struik

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Potato is the most important horticultural crop in Argentina and at present 100,000 ha are grown in different regions and seasons. The four possible growing seasons are defined as early (June–October), medium-early (July–November), medium-late (October–March) and late (February–June) and have already been characterized by assessing weather, soil and crop type, yield level and yield determining, yield limiting and yield reducing factors. However, there is scarce or no information on the possibilities of expanding actual crop frontiers, either at regional or national level and on the potential yield of the crop in different agro-ecological zones. Hence, in this work, we (1) characterize agro-ecological zones for potato production, (2) establish potential duration of the crop cycle and potential growing seasons, (3) estimate the potential yield of the crop in these zones and seasons and (4) demonstrate how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for land evaluation and simulation models that establish potential yield of the crop can be used together to assess possibilities for increasing crop production at regional or national scales. Seven potential growing seasons ranging from <1500 to >3500°C day were identified for areas where one crop can be grown per year, whereas four areas were identified where there is a potential for a second crop of potatoes. In these areas and seasons, potential tuber yields ranged from <10 to >20 Mg ha−1 dry matter. The study identified suitable soils and ascertained the corresponding potential duration of the growing seasons and the potential yield for each of the suitable sites and seasons.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)311-320
JournalAgricultural and Forest Meteorology
Publication statusPublished - 2001


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