Actors, rules, resources and discourse: a study of the Dutch land policy change

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This paper explores the history of Dutch land policy in rural and peri-urban areas. The key objective of the study is to understand the background to and determining factors in the development of land policy as an instrument of spatial planning. By analyzing different planning processes in recent Dutch history (1950 - present) insight is gained in the manner in which land ownership, the use of land policy instruments and the interplay of stakeholders have influenced land policy changes. To study the use of land and land policy in planning practice the „Policy Arrangement Approach¿(PPA) was chosen as analytical framework.In PPA policy arrangements are defined as the way in which a certain policy domain is temporarily shaped in terms of actors, rules, resources,and discourse. Preliminary results of this research show that changes are an effect of political modernization and a reaction to what is happening in planning processes. If land policies do not support governmental planning objectives or if property developers use land as a resource to mobilize power, land policies are changed to regain control in the planning process. When these policies are failing, governmental organizations also use land to mobilize power. Bibliography ¿ Arts, B., Leroy, P. (Eds.), 2006. Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance. Springer, Dordrecht. ¿ Van Tatenhove, J.P.M., 2000. Political modernization and the environment. In: Van Tatenhove, J., Arts, B., Leroy, P. (Eds.), The Renewal of Policy Arrangements. Kluwer, Dordrecht. ¿ Van den Brink, A., Molema, M.,2008.“The origins of Dutch rural planning: a study of the early history of land consolidation in the Netherlands”, Planning perspectives, 23: 427-453
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event3rd.World Planning Schools Congress(WPSC2011), Perth, Australia -
Duration: 4 Jul 20118 Jul 2011


Conference3rd.World Planning Schools Congress(WPSC2011), Perth, Australia

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    van Straalen, F. M., & van den Brink, A. (2011). Actors, rules, resources and discourse: a study of the Dutch land policy change. Abstract from 3rd.World Planning Schools Congress(WPSC2011), Perth, Australia, .