A Summary of Research Activities from the AgMIP Potato Crop Modeling Intercomparison Pilot

D.H. Fleisher, B. Condori, R. Quiroz, A. Alva, S. Asseng, Carolina Barreda, H.N.C. Berghuijs, M. Bindi, K.J. Boote, J. Craigon, A. Fangmeier, Roberto Ferrise, A.C. Franke, S. Gayler, P.M. Govindakrishnan, Dieudonne Harahagazwe, G. Hoogenboom, P. Kremer, J. Kroes, S. Naresh KumarPaolo Merante, C. Nendel, J.E. Olesen, P.S. Parker, H. Pleijel, Dirk Raes, Rubi Raymundo, P. Reidsma, A. Ruana, J.V. Silva, T. Stella, Claudio Stockle, I. Supit, F.K. van Evert, K. Vandermeiren, Eline Vanuytrecht, V. Vorne, J. Wolf, Prem Woli

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


Activity-1 of the potato crop model intercomparison pilot was recently completed and focused on quantifying multi-model uncertainty to climate responses when using common data sets from low-and high-input management sites. Median model ensemble response outperformed any single model in terms of replicatingobserved yield across all sites. Uncertainty among models averaged 15% higher for low-versus high-input sites, with larger differences observed for evapotranspiration (ET), nitrogen uptake, and water use efficiency as compared to dry matter. A minimum of five partial, or three full, calibrated models was required for an ensemble approach to keep variability below that of common field variation. Model variation was not influenced by carbon dioxide (C), but increased as much as 41 and 23% for yield and ET respectively as temperature (T) or rainfall (W) moved away from historical levels. Increases in T accounted for the highest amount of uncertainty, suggesting that methods and parameters for T sensitivity represent a considerable unknown among models. Activity-2 research is on-going and tests the capability of multiple models to mimic effects of elevated C concentration on potato yields measured at eight different locations in Europe. A subset from observed OTC and FACE data was used to initially calibrate the models. This research will also evaluate the stability of the models’ calibration with respect to changes in geographic location, as the same variety was used in all locations. This presentation will summarize the Activity-1 results and discuss the current status of Activity-2 investigations.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2018
Event7th AgMIP Global Worskhop - San José, Costa Rica
Duration: 24 Apr 201826 Apr 2018


Workshop7th AgMIP Global Worskhop
Country/TerritoryCosta Rica
CitySan José
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