A novel approach to analysing the regimes of temporary streams in relation to their controls on the composition and structure of aquatic biota

F. Gallart, N. Prat, E.M. Garcia-Roger, J. Latron, M. Rieradevall, P. Liorens, G.G. Barbera, D. Brito, A. De Girolamo, A. Lo Porto, A. Buffagni, S. Erba, R. Neves, N.P. Nikolaidis, L. Perrin, E.P. Querner, J.M. Quinonero, M.G. Tournoud, O. Tzoraki, N. SkoulikidisR. Gomez, M.M. Sanchez-Montoya, J. Froebrich

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

100 Citations (Scopus)

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