A new paradigm for plant nutrition

A. Dobermann, T. Bruulsema, I. Cakmak, B. Gerard, K. Majumdar, M. McLaughlin, P. Reidsma, Bernard Vanlauwe, L. Wollenberg, F. Zhang, X. Zhang

Research output: Other contributionPamphlet


The coming 10-20 years will be most critical for making the transition to a global food system in which all stakeholders look at food and nutrients in a holistic manner, including their hidden environmental, health and socio-economic costs. Consumers as well as governments and other stakeholders need to support such a transformation because farmers and the industry supporting them will not be able to implement all of the required actions alone. The outcome of this transformation will be a new societal plant nutrition optimum rather than a purely economic optimum. The new nutrient economy will become an integral component of a low carbon emission, environment-friendly and circular economy, supporting the food and nutrition requirements of a rising global population and improving the income and livelihood of farmers worldwide.
Original languageEnglish
TypeFood Systems Summit Briefs
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2021


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