A living income for smallholder commodity farmers and protected forests and biodiversity: how can the private and public sectors contribute? White Paper on sustainable commodity production

Y.R. Waarts (Contributor), Valerie Janssen (Contributor), V.J. Ingram (Contributor), M.A. Slingerland (Contributor), F.C. van Rijn (Contributor), G. Beekman (Contributor), Just Dengerink (Contributor), J.A. van Vliet, E.J.M.M. Arets (Contributor), M. Sassen (Contributor), W.J. Guijt (Contributor), S.M. van Vugt (Contributor)

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional



Biodiversity and Food Systems (KB-35-007-001)

Arets, E.


Project: EZproject