A fuzzy logic approach to control anaerobic digestion

A.M. Domnanovich, D.P.B.T.B. Strik, B. Pfeiffer, M. Karlovits, L. Zani, R. Braun, P. Holubar

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One of the goals of the EU-Project AMONCO (Advanced Prediction, Monitoring and Controlling of Anaerobic Digestion Process Behaviour towards Biogas Usage in Fuel Cells) is to create a control tool for the anaerobic digestion process, which predicts the volumetric organic loading rate (Bv) for the next day, to obtain a high biogas quality and production. The biogas should contain a high methane concentration (over 50%) and a low concentration of components toxic for fuel cells, e.g. hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes, ammonia and mercaptanes. For producing data to test the control tool, four 20 l anaerobic Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) are operated. For controlling two systems were investigated: a pure fuzzy logic system and a hybrid-system which contains a fuzzy based reactor condition calculation and a hierachial neural net in a cascade of optimisation algorithms
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)215-218
JournalCommunications in agricultural and applied biological sciences
Issue number2a
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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