2016 EAAP Novus Travel Award - Akke Kok

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At the EAAP 2015 meeting in Warsaw, I received the Novus Travel Grant for my presentation about the effective lactation yield: a measure to compare the milk yield of cows with different dry period lengths. The grant enabled me to visit Novus International and the ADSA/JAM in 2016.

I had never been to the USA before, but I was lucky to travel with two experienced colleagues. We arrived in Salt Lake City on Tuesday afternoon. The climate outside was like being in a toaster (almost 40 C). Inside, however, air-conditioning did a good job at keeping a very(!) cool climate. The conference centre was enormous, and posters were displayed electronically in a central hall, a perfect place to meet people! The interactive posters included much information, and many small-scale oral presentations were given.

Together, my colleagues and I had 3 presentations about consequences of shortening the dry period in dairy cows, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My presentation was on the last day, and I was grateful that so many people attended it. After the conference, we visited Yellowstone NP. The park was amazing: full of geysers, mud pools and other colourful 'geothermal features', and at the same time full of wildlife.

Next was a visit to Novus International headquarters, Missouri. There I attended a research meeting and had a tour around the labs and facilities. Also, I could visit the research farm Green Acres for a tour. I felt very welcome, and it was interesting that mechanisms behind the feed additives and also the effects of processing were studied.

My visit in the USA was a wonderful experience, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Novus International (especially Heather Tucker and Barbara Repking), ADSA (especially Alois Kertz), and EAAP (especially Abele Kuipers) for making it possible.
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PublisherAmerican Dairy Science Association
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2016

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