Wind op Zee (KB-24-001-001, KB-14-005-042)

Project: EZproject

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It is well known that bats regularly become victim of wind turbines. Bats therefore, play an important role in the spatial planning, licensing and operation of wind farms.

Recent research shows that bats regularly occur over the North Sea and that a significant effect of offshore wind farms on the migratory populations over sea cannot be excluded.

An assessment of the number of casualties however is not possible at sea with conventional methods (searching for victims around the mast). Thermal imaging cameras therefore seem to be the best option to assess casualties at sea.

In this project measuring equipment will be developed which can be used to study the behaviour of bats around wind turbines in order to assess whether fatalities occur at sea , and if so, under which circumstances they occur.

The results of (a.o) this study should eventually lead to a sustainable and cost-effective production of offshore wind energy.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/16


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