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The satellite data that are accessible through the National Satellite Data Portal (NSD) are raw products. There is a lot of expertise necessary from research institutions and specialized companies to produce products from these raw satellite data. Alterra is one of the research institutes that provides satellite products in the form of vegetation NDVI maps (groenmonitor.nl). The hypothesis is that the developed data and information by Alterra can contribute to optimizing and making the daily tasks of the water boards more efficiently. RHDHV and N&S have set themselves the goal to play a role in translating scientific developments to applications for daily practice. A good example is the rain radar and the 3Di hydrological model developed by RHDHV and N&S. These are accessible through the completely open source Lizard platform which is being used on a daily basis by many water boards and municipalities.  The objective is to integrate the satellite data from Alterra with the 3Di hydrological model and to make it available through the Lizard platform. In addition, the ET- monitor (satellite based monitoring of evapotranspiration) will be developed by Alterra on the basis of the groenmonitor.nl and available expertise in the field of evaporation modelling.


The heart of the ET-Monitor is an improved version of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS). The ET Monitor model is a pixel-wise two-layer model (Jia and Hu, 2013). Pixels are first being classified in various land surface types. For a land surface composed of soil and vegetation, the ETMonitor calculates soil evaporation and vegetation transpiration separately. This remote sensing algorithm is developed on basis of  studies from the previous 10 years (Jia et al 2003 Jia , 2004; Jia, 2013), and forms the state-of -the-art with respect to evaporation calculations on the basis of satellite observations.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/14


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