Viruscollecties (BO-43-102.04-002, BO-43-011.02-001, BO-20-002.01-001, BO-20-020-001, BO-20-002-020)

Project: LNV project

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New phytosanitary regulations in the EU came into force in mid-December 2019. Validation of testing methods and diagnostics for plant pathogens, including plant viruses and viroids, plays an important role in this. European and national reference laboratories will have an important role in this process. Within Europe, the NVWA has been designated as the European reference laboratory for plant viruses and bacteria.
Reliable reference material is indispensable for the development and
validation of testing methods and diagnostics.
The basis of such reference material is formed by collections in which
well-characterized and pure material forms the basis.
Maintenance and regular inclusion of new relevant viruses and viroids is
necessary to guarantee the quality and relevance of a collection in the
longer term.
This project aims to maintain a collection of reference isolates of
(regulated) plant viruses and viroids that are important for the
agricultural and horticultural sector in the Netherlands, while actively
promoting cooperation at European level.
Including the generated data in an internationally recognized and public
database (EPPO Q-bank) and of associated isolates in a physical collection
makes both accessible and available for validation, diagnostics and
research activities.
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/24


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