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Project: LNV project

Project Details


This project will result in a system for quantification of the effect of hydrological measures on agricultural yield, based on simulation models for unsaturated water management and crop growth. This system disseminates current and available knowledge, is constructed by a consortium of institutes and will replace the current outdated systems for crop response curves.  

Already achieved

  1. Creating internet based communication on the STOWA-website:
  2. Realisation of the link between the hydrological model SWAP and the crop growth model WOFOST. This tool was tested against experimental data on grassland, silage maize and potato. The linked simulation instrument enables the required quantification of crop growth change resulting from hydrological changes, including climate effects.

In 2015-2016 the focus was on dairy farming, incorporating grassland management and farm economy. In 2016-2017 we will focus on arable crops, vegetables and flower bulbs.

Effective start/end date19/06/1231/12/20


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