Vermaatschappelijking natuurbeleid (WOT-04-010-036.31, WOT-04-010-036.12, WOT-04-010-036.07)

Project: EZproject

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This project gives insight in the societal involvement with nature in and around Natura 2000 areas in the Netherlands and other European countries. We focus on three topics: the involvement of business; new forms of nature management with agricultural entrepreneurs; and chances for citizens involvement. The goal is to learn from experiences in other countries for Dutch and European policy makers in the field of Natura 2000.

In a small number of European countries, we examine initiatives of societal actors in Natura 2000 areas.  We examine what drives these actors, how their involvement is organized, which strategies governments develop to stimulate and facilitate societal involvement and the strengths and weaknesses of the initiatives. We do this by studying (scientific) literature and conducting interviews in case studies. In order to create learning opportunities for Dutch policy makers, we organise a meeting with Dutch experts, in which we will discuss our findings and relate them to the practice of Dutch policy makers.   


Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/14


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