Utilizing the growth potential of piglets in a novel, integrated multi-litter housing system for sows and piglets

Project: PhD

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An integral system for pig production, allowing for natural behaviour and self-chosen transitions between production stages (leading for example to an extended lactation) may contribute to the licence to produce pork. For piglets, little is known about the contribution of different cues to ingest nutrients from various sources (milk, concentrates from the sow or dedicated piglet feed, roughage) in a setting in which they can largely make their own choices. The large variation in the growth potential within litters is well documented. It is anticipated that in addition to variation in potential for growth 3 performance, also the extent to which this potential is exploited, will vary between piglets. Various intervention strategies are foreseen to minimize this gap. For effectively designing such strategies, understanding of sow and piglet behaviour, and their interaction with their environment within such systems is crucial. This is at the heart of the WIAS mission.
Effective start/end date1/10/1821/02/23


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