Utilising hidden information from WOT ichthyoplankton surveys (KB-24-005-031)

Project: EZproject

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In winter many (commercial) fish species are reproducing and spawning. The IBTS-MIK and IHLS surveys are carried out in winter, targeting one of these spawners, herring. Up to now only the data on herring is utilised, but these surveys can also provide data on spawning and/or recruitment for important commercial species such as sandeel, lemon sole and many other species.

From these standard WOT ichthyoplankton surveys data on newly hatched sandeel larvae on the various spawning grounds will be utilised to provide an SSB index for sandeel per spawning area. Also large metamorphosing lemon sole larvae are caught. These larvae have passed the high variable mortality stages and therefor represent an index of future recruitment to the lemon sole adult stock. Utilising these hidden data in the ichthyoplankton surveys will improve the assessment and management of these commercial stocks.

In addition the IBTS-MIK sampling is also an excellent platform to provide data on the MSFD descriptor marine litter. The MIK-net filters a high volume of water and as one of the few gears it samples the whole water column.

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18