Urban food markets in Africa: Incentivizing food safety using a pull-push approach Expected Project Period

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The project aims to improve food safety in urban informal markets in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. We hypothesize that both 'pull' and 'push' approaches need to be co-implemented in urban food markets in Africa to lead to sustainably improved food safety. In addition, an enabling environment is a pre-requisite to improvements in food safety.

Under Work Package 7 of this program: WUR co-leads with ILRI the impact assessment of the pull-push interventions in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso using a mixed-methods evaluation approach. The overall aim of this impact assessment is to evaluate the impact of (the combination of) regulator trainings, empowering VC actors (push), and a consumer campaign (pull) in changing knowledge, attitudes & practices towards controlling and mitigating food safety risks of chicken meat and/or tomatoes in selected urban informal food markets in Dire Dawa and Harar (Ethiopia) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
Effective start/end date18/01/2118/01/24


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