Understanding the kinetics, transfers and reactions in biological gas desulphurisation process

Project: PhD

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This project aims to understand the interplays between the kinetics of the biological reactions, kinetics of the chemical reactions, and transfer rates around the various gas-liquid and liquid-solid interfaces in the biological desulphurisation process. In the last decennia, a large number of projects have been executed, resulting in a vast amount of experimental data. However, a minimum amount of the full potential of the work has been utilized, since the majority has not been used for modelling to unravel the aforementioned phenomena. Hence, part of this work will be focussing on developing models that describe the transfer and reaction kinetics at the interfaces. In addition, next to utilizing data obtained in previous work, experimental work will be performed in batch and/or continuous bench scale setups to gather data for model validation and calibration. Furthermore, when required, pilot plant facilities (owned by Paqell B.V.) may be used to validate the developed models.
Effective start/end date1/11/22 → …


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