Uitgekookt: investeren in procestechnologieën voor betere benutting van grondstoffen?

Project: PhD

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Sustainable production of animal feed products requires valorisation of food chain by-products and waste streams. Producers of animal feed for pigs use various technological processes to improve both the nutritional value and the hygienic properties of these side streams. The chosen process technologies, with their accompanying settings, utilize energy, but also influence the nutritional value and ultimately utilization efficiency of the used resources. At this moment, knowledge on the cumulative effects of process technology on the nutritional value and environmental impact is lacking, thereby limiting the capacity to make well-informed decisions over the utilization of feed processing technologies. This project aims to develop a set of models able to predict the impact of complex, technological operations applied to resources, thereby giving insight on both the environmental impact (energy utilization) and nutritional value for pigs. First, a development cycle of model construction, parameterization and validation will be performed. In the last stage of the project, the models are used to optimize the balance between the sustainability of (cumulative) process technologies and the nutritional utilization of resources by pigs.
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …


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