Uitbreiding en onderhoud kennissysteem Caribisch Nederland (BO-43-021.04-001, BO-11-019.02-002, BO-11-011.05-002)

Project: EZproject


The Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity database (www.dcbd.nl ) provides trends and indicators, digital maps, and reports and articles on the status of biodiversity and ecosystems in the Dutch Caribbean.

Commissioned by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, DCBD facilitates (statutory) reporting obligations, such as required by CBD (incl. SPAW), RAMSAR, CMS, IAC, shark MoU, FAO and the national conservation status (Dutch: staat van instandhouding. DCBD contributes to the Nature Policy Plan of the Dutch Caribbean and to target 6 step-up action to tackle the global biodiversity crises of the EU Biodiversity strategy to 2020 for the Dutch outermost regions. Furthermore, it supports evidence based policy making for local spatial planning and nature management. Finally, DCBD guarantees long-term data availability and access.

The latest trends and their background are continuously being published by including the newest monitoring data and research findings. Below two examples of trend indicators are shown: the Reef health Index of St. Eustatius (2015), and the Flamingo abundance in the RAMSAR areas of Bonaire (1981-2016).

Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/20