Uitbreiding en onderhoud kennissysteem Caribisch Nederland (BO-43-021.04-001, BO-11-019.02-002, BO-11-011.05-002)

Project: EZproject

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To secure the sustainable use of nature, governments track natures health and develop regulations and policies. Although there is a seeming abundance in observation-recordings, decision- and policy-makers are constrained by the lack of data and indicators, mostly as a result of barriers preventing existing data from being found, accessed, made suitable for (automated) processing and reused, but also due to missing visualisations targeted at answering questions asked by policy makers.

The Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database (DCBD) supports the assessment of the state of nature and guarantees long-term data availability in an environment that experiences a high turnover in project funds and personnel. As such, the mission of the DCBD is to enhance the sustainable utilisation of nature by improving the availability, access and use of data on species populations, their habitats, and the associated pressures and threats. Through collecting, synthesising and disseminating knowledge across ecological realms (terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, estuarine, marine) and sectors we strive to catalyse a more integrated way of working towards solutions for the wise and sustainable use of nature.

Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/20