TU-17003 Safe and save water in the fresh produce supply chain (BO-64-001-015, BO-51-002-015)

Project: EZproject

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During the production of leafy vegetables, water is used to irrigate the plants in the field, but also during processing to wash the produce prior to consumer sale. When this water is contaminated with pathogens, this may lead to contaminated products and ultimately to consumer health risks.

Within this project various disinfection methods and agents, such as peracitic acid, ozone, ultraviolet and membrane filtration will be investigated to determine which of these methods are most suitable for disinfecting irrigation and/or processing water. Investigating the possibility for reusing water will also be part of the project, thereby contributing to a circular economy. The project starts with a desk study on the feasibility of a number of potential methods, followed by lab testing of the most promising ones. Finally, field tests will be performed to determine the effectiveness and the practical applicability of the methods. The outcome of this project will help growers and processors to select the most optimal disinfection methods enabling safe and save water in their production process.

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/20


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