Triple D Bootcamp (BO-20-011-021)

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To market-oriented business via a Lean Startup approach in education.

The one-sided focus of agriculture on efficiency has had its day. The main reason for this is that the society has lost the contact with the agricultural production. In addition, the high cost of the factors of production of land and labour in Netherlands, and the difficult capital availability, getting harder to compensate for this by the relative productivity growth. This requires a transition to a more market-oriented added value approach. In this review are the future entrepreneurs and their advisors to the audience here that transition to prepare.

For future entrepreneurs and advisors (students) it is important to have a low threshold towards society and chain. To those battle to make a training College Vilentum College and HAS to CAH transcending triple-D go around introduce market-oriented business bootcamp.

The intended result was that a large group of students from various courses to the right luggage on board in their later posted a transition, to a focus on added value agricultural sector, help shape to be able to give. This forced a conservative, reactive attitude to signals of e.g. community groups, give way to a proactive attitude focused on looking for connections and exploiting opportunities.

The approach consisted of a bootcamp with a Lean Starup approach for starting their own business or initiative in which the real thing (the practice) it was about opportunities in agro-food, market developments in food, non-food and the leisure sector, think about and testing of innovative new concepts, products and services, on entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurial attitude and business development.

Found that for both teachers and students there barriers had to be broken to the education mode really ending up in practice mode. The final image is that it is very difficult to market oriented enterprising in education really matter to get the Education mode.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/14


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