Trendrapport rode aal (WOT-02-001-062)

Project: LNV project

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The goal of this project is to evaluate the trends in dioxin and PCB contamination levels in eel between 2006-2012. Additionally, the current contamination levels will be reflected upon in the light of the for fishery closed areas.



Monitoring data of 2006-2012 was collected from yearly monitoring programs and the trends of dioxin and PCB levels was evaluated. In addition, (biological) factors will be discussed that influence the level of contamination of eel. Finally, the results will be evaluated in the light of the for fishery closed areas in the Netherlands. In addition, data of other contaminants (PBDEs, heavy metals, pesticides) collected between 2006-2012 will be presented.


Project result

The project resulted in a report decribing the time trends of dioxin and PCB contamination in eel over the period 2006-2012. In addition, biological factors (eel size and sexe) underlying the eel contamination were discussed. The contamination levels were discussed in relation for fishery closed areas. Finally, results of the other contaminants (PBDE's, pesticides, heavy metals) were presented



Effective start/end date1/06/1331/12/13


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