Training in Research, Product Developement, Marketing and Sales in Biobusiness

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    The combination of new technology with biology offers high opportunities for EU in terms of realising and implementing directives in different applications as well as economic terms. The main problem however is that people educated in biology are not aware of the possibilities of modern technology. At the same time technical people developing technology are not participating to the world of bio-processes. The objective is to train biologically educated people to collaborate with technology driven people. In this regard, they will be trained in research, product definition and development, marketing and sales for bio-business in EU. Our goal is to fill the gap of the education that veterinarians, animal scientists and bio-engineers receive introducing them to emerging technologies and lead them to the practical use of their science. This is achieved by making them work as part of a team that is realising a new product for biological processes. Also, the fellows that will be affiliated with academic partners will be encouraged to obtain a PhD and follow the necessary courses by the affiliated doctoral schools. Finally, additional training events have been foreseen to cover the topics that are considered of significant importance. The network will focus on research that will enhance animal welfare and health management. The main areas of interest are behaviour monitoring, disease detection and monitoring, growth monitoring and management. The research outcome will lead to new knowledge in concepts and understanding. Also, mathematical modelling techniques will be used that allow for the results to be quantified whilst providing insight of the biological process. The results of the individual fellows will then be evaluated by the industry and valorised. Researchers that will successfully complete the training program will be able to continue their career skills in different sectors of EU such as industry, civil service, academia, teaching or research institutions.
    Effective start/end date1/12/0930/11/13


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