Toxicologische karakterisering van nieuwe VV-issues m.b.v. proefdier vervangende methoden (WOT-02-001-066, WOT-02-002-003, WOT-02-002-017)

Project: LNV project

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Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/24


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  • In vitro-in silico-based assessment of species differences in kinetics: towards harmonization of in vitro clearance studies

    Jochem Louisse (Speaker), Nicole Pinckaers (Contributor), Sandra Coecke (Contributor), Ad Peijnenburg (Contributor) & Ans Punt (Contributor)

    23 Aug 20212 Sept 2021

    Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentationAcademic

  • WURlive 14: Minder proefdieren, maar hoe?

    Ad Peijnenburg (Speaker) & Katharina Kardinal-Janke (Speaker)

    12 Oct 2021

    Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentationProfessional

  • European network of high-quality laboratories assessing efficiently the relevance of fully animal-free thyroid mechanistic methods

    Barbara Birk (Speaker), Toine Bovee (Contributor), Laureano Cuevas Beltran (Contributor), Flavio Cinato (Contributor), Annamaria Colacci (Contributor), Silvia Dotti (Contributor), Claudio Bernardi (Contributor), Kristina Fant (Contributor), Dagmar Jirova (Contributor), Tuula Heinonen (Contributor), Marisa Meloni (Contributor), Emma Pedersen (Contributor), Jeroen Rijk (Contributor), Ad Peijnenburg (Contributor), Hilda Witters (Contributor), Ana Palmeira Oliveira (Contributor), Maciej Stepnik (Contributor), Andreas Georg Weber (Contributor), Gerard Bowe (Contributor), Thomas Cole (Contributor), Roman Liska (Contributor), Ingrid Langezaal (Contributor), Robert Landsiedel (Contributor), Yoran Weide (Contributor), Jochem Louisse (Contributor), Antonio de la Vieja Escolar (Contributor), Monica Vaccari (Contributor), Riccardo Villa (Contributor), Andrea Cacciamali (Contributor), Maria Sampieri (Contributor), Chiara Romano (Contributor), Claudia Piutti (Contributor), Valentina Saibene (Contributor), Daniele Pezzetta (Contributor), Marketa Dvorakova (Contributor), Lada Belastova (Contributor), Laura Ceriotti (Contributor), Elisa Carviola (Contributor), An Jacobsen (Contributor), Joanna Roszak (Contributor), Kornelia Kowalczyk (Contributor), Johannes de Lange (Contributor), Aude Kienzler (Contributor) & Sandra Coecke (Contributor)

    23 Aug 20212 Sept 2021

    Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentationAcademic