Towards one resource Use Efficiency Assessment approach (KB-30-004-008)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


The goal of the project in 2017 is to define guidelines for RUE in consultation with a network of Wageningen UR researchers and share these with colleague researchers . For this purpose, a) available RUE indicators are identified in literature and in three case studies, b) recommendations are defined with the three case studies, c) indicators and recommendations are validated in a workshop, d) the general findings will be communicated to colleague researchers in a visually attractive manner . These activities will stimulate knowledge sharing inside and outside WUR, clarify the place of RUE assessment in sustainability assessment and contribute to resource efficient innovations.


Because of the multitude of approaches and points of view that come with the concept resource use efficiency, it is important to clearly demarcate the study.

  • This project focusses on the use of resources (e.g. land, fossil resources, mineral resources, water) and not the environmental effects  of production and consumption (e.g. of emissions, pollution)
  • RUE is studied on various scales, ranging from organism to global level. This project focusses on the company level and levels above that
  • While RUE is important for many different stakeholders, this project focusses on RUE assessment by private actors.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18