Tools for impact assessment (KB-17-001.01-001)

Project: EZproject

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This project aims to contribute to the advances in impact assessment tools, generally in the domain of WUR, by supporting different projects at EU, world, national level. Main areas of research are crop growth modelling, science-policy interface and dissemination of knowledge with models and tools and by providing a generic layer of relevant activities (i.e. access, visibility, quality assurance). There is a risk of having many unconnected activities on Impact Assessment tools, and this has to be avoided by providing an umbrella.

Alterra over the years has contributed and is still contributing to the development of a large number of impact assessment tools, for different domains. With the network of Excellence project LIAISE, Alterra has an important initiative to align different efforts on impact assessment tools directed at policy makers. However, the uptake of the tools outside WUR in the science domain is still relatively low, which is (partly) related to the low visibility of all the different products. By bringing a number of impact assessment methodologies together in one (co-financing) project, explicitly this visibility of the involved sub-projects can be tackled by better availability and documentation across the domains.

Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/15


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