Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation

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    Adaptation in the face of climate change is currently a major challenge, not only in the EU, but all around the world. Climate change has two distinct characters: the slower trends in climatic variables such as sea water temperatur, and the extreme weather phenomena, such as heavy precipitation. The fundamental driver for regional adaptation are regional climate scenarios. Crucial for local societies is the resilience of critical infrastructures, such as Energy and Transport, against the envisaged climate scenarios. Without proper functioning of such infrastructures, many service sectors, such as Tourism, will be negatively affected. ToPDAd developes state-of-the-art socioeconomic methods&tools for an integrated assessment supporting regional adaptation decision-making. Based on these, conjectures with respect to EU level policies for the considered sectors Energy, Transport, as well as, Tourism are made. Two time frames are specified; 2010-2050 and 2050-2100 for mid-term and long-term strategy formulations. Regional strategies and EU-level policies need to be consistent across the time frames in order to avoid maladaptation. ToPDAd will also develop the European Climate Adaptation Platform (DCLIMATE-ADAPT). The CLIMATE-ADAPT is key for continuous learning, and a repository of data and tools supporting adaptation decision-making.
    Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/15


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