TIFN food safety biofilms (KB-15-003-001)

Project: EZproject

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Different types of biofilms, that represent different food-related industrial environments, are being investigated as model systems, including biofilms formed by mesophilic and thermophilic Bacillus species, those formed by lactobacilli and biofilms that consist of multiple bacterial species. The experimental approaches include studies targeting population, single cell and molecular levels. Fluorescent-based techniques as well as comparative genomics and transcriptomics methodologies are used.

The impact of strain diversity and environmental factors on biofilm forming capacity has been determined using both reference strains and isolates from food or food production environments. Mechanistic aspects were evaluated by using mutants defect in cell surface functionalities and by using microarray technology and resulted in the identification of several (candidate) genes affecting biofilm formation. Genomes of selected industrial isolates have been sequenced and are used to identify relevant traits for biofilms formation. The behaviour of microbes in a mixed biofilm was studied and compared to single species biofilms.   

Data have been presented at various international conferences and will be submitted for publication in scientific journals. 


Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/15


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