There's more to it than cash - how realistic are the Living Income policies of FMCGs?

  • Klunder, Linda (PhD candidate)
  • Bulte, Erwin (Promotor)
  • van Soest, Daan (Co-promotor)

Project: PhD

Project Details


The main objective of my PhD will be to dive into the efficiency of sustainability interventions - especially related to the topic of a living income and poverty alleviation. I will do this based upon several data sources to which I have access via both my company as well as some of my (indirect) customers (EG Unilever, ETG, Nestle). The objective is to gain knowledge on how sustainability projects within commodity chains can most effectively decrease the living income gap. A living income is a human right to which many FMCGs have committed but no clear strategies exist on how to actually incorporate that thinking in sustainability policies. Therefore, companies are experimenting a lot currently but the knowledge gained is often not externally shared. By analyzing the data I have access to I hope to be able to contribute to the discussion and make knowledge more widely available.
Effective start/end date1/04/23 → …


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