The Uncertainty Enabled Model Web

    Project: EU research project

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    UncertWeb will create the Uncertainty enabled Model Web by allowing interoperability between data and models with quantified uncertainty, building on existing open, international standards. In particular UncertWeb will develop encoding standards, service interface profiles, discovery and chaining mechanisms and open source implementations, and generic tools to realize a 'model Web' that takes uncertainty in data and models fully into account.
    The developments in UncertWeb will be validated by scenarios from four environmental application domains: biodiversity and habitat change, land use and policy modelling, local air quality forecasting, and individual activity in the environment. In each application domain prototype service chains will be built using UncertWeb technology. To further evaluate the discovery and chaining mechanisms UncertWeb will integrate the air quality and activity modelling to produce novel service chains that quantify individual exposure and the effects of individual's activity choices on emissions with quantified uncertainty.
    The project will deliver encoding standards, interface profiles and open source software implementations to allow continued development of the Uncertainty enabled model Web beyond the funding.
    Effective start/end date1/02/1031/01/13