The role of BABY BOOM in the Establishment of Embryo Cell Fate

Project: PhD

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BABY BOOM is a member of the AINTEGUMENTA-LIKE (AIL) family of APETALA 2/ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR (AP2/ERF) domain transcription factors that is expressed during zygotic embryo and root development. Ectopic expression of the BABY BOOM transcription factor is a powerful biotechnology tool that has been used to promote various types of in vitro embryogenesis, including somatic embryogenesis. A number of molecular-genetic studies have identified BBM-dependent molecular genetic pathways that are active during somatic embryogenesis. By contrast, nothing is known about the role BBM during zygotic embryogenesis. Here I will generate knowledge on the endogenous developmental pathways that regulate and are regulated by BBM during early zygotic embryo development. I will focus on three regulatory levels: 1) identifying DNA binding proteins that regulate BBM gene expression; 2) identification of BBM-interacting proteins; and 3) identification of BBM target genes.
Effective start/end date1/09/21 → …


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