The Many Voices in Discursive Spaces in Urban Greening Initiatives

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Climate change and our responses to it are changing the face of our cities. These responses, here called ‘urban greening initiatives’ can take many forms like planting trees, encouraging bicycle riding, or constructing water reservoirs. Many of these urban greening initiatives have community participation as goal, but how is participation manifested? How do the people living and working in affected neighborhoods make their voices heard? How is democracy discursively constructed around these initiatives? How is power manifested? This project develops the idea of a pluralistic discursive space (PDS) in which many voices come together to create meaning(s) around these initiatives. The idea for a PDS is rooted in the work of Ernesto Laclau and especially Chantal Mouffe’s democratic agonism (Laclau & Mouffe, 1985; Mouffe 1999; 2005), in Arturo Escobar’s pluriverse (2020), and in Vandana Shiva’s critique of monocultures (1993) among others.
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