The Ludic City

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The ludic city: Limited by imagination alone
Over the past few years, questions related to experimental governance, the role of grassroots initiatives, or the sociotechnical articulations of smart urbanism have gained much analytical purchase in the field of urban studies and beyond. The ludic city project seeks to stimulate new connections between these ongoing discussions and related attempts to reimagine urban sociality. In doing so, it proceeds from the fundamental activity of play - with its prescriptive, transient and creative affordances - to tackle the emergence of alternative sociotechnical arrangements in cities. Accordingly, it problematizes enrolment through play as a transient form of citizenship and as a lucrative strategy to enable effective learning environments for co-creation and social innovation. A core aim of the project is thus to inform the further refinement of urban living lab methodologies, whereby enrolment through play could facilitate new ways of linking social inclusion objectives to broader agendas on sustainability and economic competitiveness.
Effective start/end date1/10/161/10/18