The interaction between students’ English writing ability and feedback content on mindful cognitive processing when providing and receiving peer feedback and the quality of revision

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Argumentative essay writing has become a common task model in higher education and additional supports are needed to help students with higher-level cognitive processing, as well as applying argumentation and reasoning effectively in essay writing and presenting the material in-depth and critically. As one of the effective instructional strategies, peer feedback is not a one-way process, but rather an interchange and collaborative process in which both parties participate. This issue could be addressed by providing students with a complete peer feedback loop by asking students to have a dialogic interaction with the feedback providers and then self-reflect on the received feedback and interaction results. Self-reflection encompasses feedback-seeking, and it would be more accurate and robust when the feedback is elicited from others. The feedback loop could be completed by constructing a dialogic interaction between feedback provider and receiver, as well as allowing for self-reflection on the work and received feedback, which could stimulate the potential power of peer feedback and also make peer feedback dynamic, in line with the dynamic nature of learning. This PhD project aims to investigate the impact of combined interventions (dialogic interaction and self-reflection) during online peer feedback processes on student’s argumentative essay writing, and the optimal pedagogical implementation of these two interventions. This project will shed more light on the optimal impact of dialogic interaction and self-reflection in online peer feedback, as well as the extent to which this contributes to their uptake of peer feedback and the quality of argumentative essay writing.
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